About BTS This Week

BTS This Week is a weekly recap of all the news about international pop superstars BTS. Released each Sunday, each episode gives you a quick rundown of the week’s news. If there’s breaking news (like a comeback announcement, etc.), a super-short bonus episode will be released.

BTS This Week is hosted by Kerry AKA BTS Mama Bear. She fell down the YouTube rabbit hole in September 16, 2018, and she’s hasn’t looked back. An ARMY ahjumma, Kerry can usually be found on Twitter. She attended her first BTS concert – Love Yourself: Speak Yourself – at MetLife Stadium on May 18, 2019.

A geek, a writer, and a spoonie (Crohn’s disease), Kerry is old enough to be any of the members’ mother, and she is very protective (hence Mama Bear). She’s OT7, but she admits she’s partial to Taehyung and Yoongi. In addition to BTS, she likes to listen to the Avett Brothers, Ed Sheeran, and Mamamoo. She’s also married and close to converting her husband into a proud ARMY.


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