BTS This Week – Week Ending 02 June 2019

On this week’s show:

    • Data Drop
    • News
      • BTS takes over London
      • FESTA begins
      • BT21 characters are gender neutral
      • 5th ARMY term extended and new shop app announced
      • Big sales milestones achieved
      • BTS wins lots of Soompi Awards
    • Next Week
    • Last Word: The media is finally getting it.


BT21 Universe Ep 9: True or False 2 (Final episode)

Run BTS Ep 73

Billboard 200 album chart

Billboard Hot 100 singles chart

Billboard Artist 100

Billboard Social 50

Billboard World Albums

Amazon US Bestsellers

Amazon US Bestsellers of 2019 (So Far)

Happy Pride!!

Check out #HappyNamJune 🙂

Today is the 6th anniversary of Taehyung being revealed as a BTS member!


BTS on Britain’s Got Talent

Yoongi’s post-Wembley D1 V-Live

Young Forever @ Wembley D2

Queen performs at Live Aid 1985

FESTA 2019: Family Portrait #1

5th ARMY extension announcement

Weverse video played at Wembley D1

BigHit web shop closure announcement

LY:NY Blu-ray announcement

LY:Europe Blu-ray announcement

14th Annual Soompi Awards: The Winners

Next Week

Run BTS ep 74

03 June: last day of London pop-up
04 June: Paris pop-up opens 22 Ruede Lubeck
04 June: BTS Photo Collection 2018-19
04 June: Anpanman by BTS: Video
05 June: By Jin: Audio
07 June: Paris D1
07 June: Choreography Video #1
08 June: Paris D2
08 June: Bangtan News: Image

Last Word

How BTS Dodged A Massive Bullet By Remaining Album Artists And Rejecting The Ongoing Singles Artist Trap: Part 1 (Odie’s thread)

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