09 August 2020: We are on DYNAMITE lockdown

On this week’s show: We’re on comeback lockdown, a new movie is coming, and more.

Intro song: Epiphany (Spotify)

Featured image: Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

  • Data Drop
  • News
    • Dynamite comeback schedule released
    • New movie announced
    • TinyTAN makes their animated debut
    • In the SOOP pre-order begins
    • The Notes 2 goes on sale
    • BTS wins prestigious Van Fleet award while still breaking records
  • Next Week
  • Last Word: We are on comeback lockdown.

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Data Drop

Run BTS Ep 111 (Weverse)

Learn Korean with BTS Ep 22: Negative Prefix: (Weverse)

BT21 Universe 3 Ep 09: Fatherly Advice (YouTube)

Chart links

BTS Chill Music playlist (SoundCloud)

New BangtanTV Videos

[TinyTAN l ANIMATION] – Magic Door

[BANGTAN BOMB] ‘MAP OF THE SONG : 7’ Behind the Scenes – BTS (방탄소년단)


Baskin-Robbins Korea:

FILA X BTS ‘Go beyond’ (YouTube)

BTS ‘Your eyes tell’ (Movie “Your Eyes Tell” Special Video) (YouTube)


War of Hormone: In Defense of Screaming Fangirls (Lucy Ford @ Medium)

With Four No. 1 Albums To Their Name, It’s Highly Unusual That BTS Hasn’t Charted A No. 1 Hit… Yet (Forbes)


DYNAMITE Promo Schedule




Teaser Photo 1

11 Aug 12AM

10 Aug 11AM

Teaser Photo 2

13 Aug 12AM

12 Aug 11AM

Teaser Photo 3

16 Aug 12AM

15 Aug 11AM

Official MV Teaser

19 Aug 12AM

18 Aug 11AM

Countdown Live, YouTube

21 Aug 12:30PM

20 Aug 11:30PM

Dynamite merch preorder

21 Aug 1PM (global store)

20 Aug 9PM (US store)

Single and Official MV Release

21 Aug 1PM

21 Aug 12AM

Comeback Spot Live, VLIVE

21 Aug 7PM

21 Aug 6AM

MTV Fresh Out Live interview

22 Aug 6AM

21 Aug 5PM

NBC Today Show interview

24 Aug 9PM

24 Aug 8AM

Dynamite (B-Side) MV

25 Aug 12AM

24 Aug 11AM

MTV Video Music Awards performance

31 Aug 9AM

30 Aug 8PM

Dynamite Pre-orders (US) tracking site by @btschartdata

DYNAMITE Pre-save links:

DYNAMITE Official BTS Music Store (where you can pre-order digital copies)

BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ Vinyl And Cassettes Sell Out (Again) Amid Massive U.S. Radio Campaign (Forbes)

Ahead of BTS’ New English Track, U.S. Merch Store Sells Out Limited Edition Releases Within an Hour (Variety)

BTS Bus Bonanza Builds Buzz, Buddy (HITS Daily Double)

BTS: Explosive New Developments (HITS Daily Double)

Bryan Patrick Byrne’s Twitter thread on BTS historical radio spins

2020 VMA Voting

BTS, Doja Cat, J Balvin to Perform on MTV’s VMAs (Variety)

BTS, Doja Cat and J Balvin Set to Perform at the VMAs (Billboard)

BTS, J Balvin & Doja Cat Performing At 2020 VMAs In Promising Initial Steps For A More Diverse Show (Forbes)

Break the Silence information and tickets

A New BTS Movie Is Coming to a Theater Near You (Vulture)

[TinyTAN l ANIMATION] – Magic Door (YouTube)

빅히트, 방탄소년단 캐릭터타이니탄’(TinyTAN)’ 론칭 (Naver)

In the SOOP Official Twitter

In the SOOP Official YouTube

[In the SOOP BTS ver.] Official Teaser 2 (YouTube)

The Korea Society 2020 Annual Gala

BTS To Receive James A. Van Fleet Award From The Korea Society (Soompi)

BTS’s New Album Has Been Certified Triple Platinum In Japan In Less Than One Month (Forbes)

BTS smash record for best-selling album in South Korea with Map of the Soul: 7 (Guinness World Records)

Goud en Platina – Albums 2020 (ULTRATOP, Belgium)

Next Week

10 Aug, Mon: Learn Korean with BTS Ep 23, 9PM KST
11 Aug, Tues: Dynamite Teaser Photo 1, 12AM KST
11 Aug, Tues: Run BTS Ep 112, 9PM KST
11 Aug, Tues: Notes 2 pre-order ends, 11:59PM KST
12 Aug, Wed: Memories of 2019 DVD release
13 Aug, Thurs: Dynamite Teaser Photo 2, 12AM KST
13 Aug, Thurs: 2020 Soribada Awards
14 Aug, Fri: Global Fanclub membership renewal/sign-ups begin, 2PM KST
14 Aug, Fri: BTS on I-LAND, MNET & YouTube, 11PM KST
16 Aug, Sun: Dynamite Teaser Photo 3, 12AM KST

Last Word

We are on comeback lockdown.

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