12 July 2020: Everything you wanted to know about the Nielsen data but were afraid to ask because you were afraid I wouldn’t stop talking.

On this week’s show: Records continue to fall, a comeback could be imminent, and more.

Intro song: moonchild by RM (Spotify)

Featured image: Photo by Bohdan Maylove on Unsplash

  • Data Drop
  • News
    • Taehyung and Namjoon break iTunes records
    • Nielsen releases mid-year data
    • BTS to appear on Japanese movie soundtrack
    • Is a comeback on the horizon?
  • Next Week
  • Last Word: Streaming… again.

Data Drop

Run BTS Ep 107 (Weverse)

Learn Korean with BTS Ep 18: BTS’ Hometown (Weverse)

BT21 Universe 3 Ep 07: True Courage (YouTube)


BTS member official Twitter account

BTS official Facebook page

방탄소년단 측 “RM·슈가·제이홉 지난해 대학원 입학, 지민· 9월 입학 예정“(공식) (Newsen)

BTS YouTube Music profile (member playlists at bottom)

Meet the BTS Fans Trying to Change the World, One Online Campaign at a Time (Vice)

New BangtanTV Videos

[BANGTAN BOMB] 슙디의 FM 06.13 0613FM_0613 with BTS Highlight Clip – BTS (방탄소년단)

2007** j-hope & RM (+ENG)

[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS’ Caretaker Jin – BTS (방탄소년단)

New VLIVE Videos

Eat Jin


BTS’s V And RM Smash Global iTunes Records With ‘Sweet Night’ And ‘Mono’ (Forbes)

Nielsen Music/MRC Data Midyear Report: US 2020 (PDF)

BTS’s ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ Is The Only Album To Actually Sell Half A Million Copies In The U.S. This Year (Forbes)

BTS, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Post Malone And Lil Baby: The 10 Biggest Albums At 2020’s Halfway Point (Forbes)

Your Eyes Tell movie trailer (YouTube)

Smeraldo Flower Shop blog (Naver)

Order of BTS Universe content (Twitter)

Next Week

13 July, Mon: Learn Korean with BTS Ep 19, 9PM KST
13 July, Mon: TBS CDTV life performance of “Your Eyes Tell,” ~10PM JST
14 July, Tues: Barihaya ZIP! interview, ~5:20AM JST
14 July, Tues: HTB Ichimoni interview, ~6AM JST
14 July Tues: NTV Sukkri interview and performance, 9:30AM JST
14 July, Tues: Run BTS Ep 108, 9PM KST
15 July, Wed: Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey release, 12AM KST
15 July, Wed: KBC Asadesu interview, ~6AM JST
15 July, Wed: Nagoya TV Dodesuka interview, ~6AM JST
15 July, Wed: TBS’ Good Luck interview, ~9:55AM JST
16 July, Thurs: Good Morning Call ABC interview, ~5AM JST
18 July, Sat: NTV Buzz Rhythm 02 performance of Stay Gold, ~12:59AM JST
18 July, Sat: Nagoya TV Delsata interview, ~6:30AM JST
18 July, Sat: King’s Brunch interview, ~9:30AM JST
18 July, Sat: NHK SONGS performance of Stay Gold and Black Swan, 11PM JST

Last Word

Streaming… again.

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