16 May 2021: The future of music

On this week’s show: More Butter teasers are released, the Rolling Stone cover is revealed, and more.

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  • News
    • More Butter teasers released
    • Rolling Stone cover revealed
    • Don’t debuts on Billboard
    • McDonald’s releases comeback-like schedule
  • Next Week
  • Last Word: YouTube search oddities

How to Support India Right Now (Conde Nast Traveler)

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

Data Drop

Run BTS Ep 141 (Weverse)

????????4-1 BTS has faltered?! Hunminjeongeum game full with English! | ????The Game CaterersX????Run BTS (YouTube)

????????4-2 Whatever BTS wants! Dragon balls are the genie here! | ????The Game CaterersX????Run BTS (YouTube)

[sub]????????4-3 The final mission..?! Finding SUGA with a party hat | ????The Game CaterersX????Run BTS (YouTube)

Run BTS Ep 141 Behind the Scenes photos (Weverse)

Run BTS Ep 141 Behind the Scenes video (Weverse)

EP.2 “SUGA’s Maze Escape” Learning the Consonants 1 – Learn! KOREAN with TinyTAN (Weverse)

Write “Borahae” in Korean. | Learn! KOREAN with TinyTAN (YouTube)

Gather ‘round if you want to study Hangeul with Bora in the woods! ???? (ASMR) | Study with me (YouTube)

[NoW] Modern Korean Cuisine (Weverse Magazine)

Chart Links

New BangtanTV Videos

[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS’s Announcement – BTS (방탄소년단) (YouTube)

[BANGTAN BOMB] Bickering Over a Camera, and the Winner Is? – BTS (방탄소년단) (YouTube)


BTS Lotte Family Concert 2021 [Full] (YouTube)


Butter teaser photos (Weverse)

Butter instrumental MP3 (US Butter store)

BTS to Perform New Single ‘Butter’ at 2021 Billboard Music Awards (Billboard)

BTS Will Perform New Single, ‘Butter,’ on Billboard Music Awards (Variety)

‘Good Morning America’ 2021 Summer Concert Series lineup: BTS, Chance the Rapper, Dierks Bentley and more (Good Morning America)

Submit questions for Most Request Live Ask Anything Chat

The Triumph of BTS (Rolling Stone)

j-hope: Digital cover and Q&A

Jimin: Digital cover and Q&A

Jin: Digital cover and Q&A

Rolling Stone June 2021 Special Collector’s Box Set featuring BTS

BTS’s RM Breaks His Tie With Psy And Blackpink’s Rosé With Another Hit On Billboard’s Sales Chart (Forbes)

BTS Member RM Has Now Charted 10 Hits On His Own On The World Songs Chart (Forbes)

McDonald’s Who’s Who: 123

Next Week

17 May, Mon: Rolling Stone digital cover #4
17 May, Mon: Learn! Korean with TinyTAN Ep 3, 8AM KST
17 May, Mon: McDonald’s concept photo #1, 9AM EDT
17 May, Mon: MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted, 9PM EDT
18 May, Tues: Rolling Stone digital cover #5
18 May, Tues: McDonald’s concept photo #2, 9AM EDT
18 May, Tues: Butter Official Music Video Teaser, 11AM EDT (19 May, 12AM KST)
19 May, Wed: Rolling Stone digital cover #6
19 May, Wed: McDonald’s concept photo #3, 9AM EDT
19 May, Wed: Webby Awards, webbyawards.com, 3PM EDT
20 May, Thurs: Rolling Stone digital cover #7
20 May, Thurs: McDonald’s concept photo #4, 9AM EDT
21 May, Fri: Butter single and official music video release, 12AM EDT (21 May, 1PM KST)
21 May, Fri: Butter global press conference, 1AM EDT (21 May, 2PM KST)
21 May, Fri: McDonald’s concept photo #5, 9AM EDT
21 May, Fri: Learn! Korean with TinyTAN bonus #3, 10AM KST
22 May, Sat: Learn! Korean with TinyTAN, Study with Bora video #3, 9:55AM KST
22 May, Sat: McDonald’s concept photo #6, 9AM EDT
23 May, Sun: McDonald’s concept photo #7, 9AM EDT
23 May, Sun: Billboard Music Awards, NBC, 8PM EDT

Last Word

YouTube search oddities

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