21 March 2021: Continued success despite the haters

On this week’s show: BTS continues to set records, Big Hit becomes HYBE, and more.

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  • News
    • Dynamite sets more records
    • ARMY Census released
    • Grammy fallout continues
    • Big Hit become HYBE
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Intro song: Trivia 轉: Seesaw (Spotify)

Featured image: Photo by Yohan Cho on Unsplash

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

If You’re Surprised by the Anti-Asian Violence in Atlanta, You Haven’t Been Listening. It’s Time to Hear Our Voices, by Eric Nam (Time)

Eric Nam on CNN talking about anti Asian sentiment in America (YouTube)

Jeremy Lin Speaks Out About Attacks On Asian Americans, Racism On Basketball Court (YouTube)

Rise in Anti-Asian Violence with Actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu | Race in America (YouTube)

‘This is Not New’: Anti-Asian Xenophobia has a Long History in the U.S., San Francisco Chronicle (YouTube)

Stop the Hate: The rise in violence against Asian Americans, ABC News (YouTube)

Data Drop

Run BTS Ep 133 (Weverse)

Run BTS Ep 133 Behind the Scenes photos (Weverse)

Run BTS Ep 133 Behind the Scenes video (Weverse)


[SUB] Take a picture of me jumping. | Learn! KOREAN with BTS | Bon BORAge #21 (YouTube)

Fans, Their Voyage in the room (Weverse Magazine)

Chart Links

New BangtanTV Videos

[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ 2020 MTV VMAs (YouTube)


“There Are 250 Vocals in ‘Dynamite’”: How BTS’s Hit Song Was Written in Record Time (GQ)

BTS’s Grammy’s Stage Brought “Dynamite” Full Circle (MTV AU)


끝없는 BTS의 기네스 기록 경신 (Billboard Korea)

BTS make history at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (Guinness World Records)



Brutally honest reviews of every Grammys 2021 performance, including ‘WAP’ and ‘Dynamite’ (USA Today)

Grammy Chiefs Tell the Inside Story About the Show, BTS, Beyonce, Van Halen, Ratings and More (Variety)

The Grammys Once Again Did The Bare Minimum For BTS (Forbes)

The Grammys Used BTS As Eye Candy & Everyone Saw Right Through It (Refinery29)

BTS’ Grammy Treatment Draws Attention To Award Show Legitimacy (iHeart Media)

Racist BTS Garbage Pail Kids sticker accelerates #StopAsianHate movement (The Korea Times)

美 카드 제작회사·빌보드, 풍자 빙자한 방탄소년단 인종차별 논란 (Newsen)

Why BTS Runs the World (WSJ Magazine)


빅히트, 오늘 용산 신사옥으로 이전 ‘하이브 시대’ (Naver)

Excellent Twitter thread by BTS ARMY Bar Association:

Next Week

23 Mar, Tues: Run BTS Ep 134, 9PM KST
24 Mar, Wed: You Quiz on the Block appearance, 8:40PM KST
24 Mar, Wed: NTV’s Premium Music 2021 appearance, 7-10:54PM KST
25 Mar, Thurs: Run BTS Ep 134 Behind the Scenes, 9PM KST

Last Word

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

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