24 May 2020: Agust D is back, and he’s taking over the world.

On this week’s show: Agust D is back, and he’s taking over the world. And other stuff. But mostly Agust D.

Intro song: Daechwita (Spotify)

Featured image: Photo by Arrigo Lupori on Unsplash

  • Data Drop
  • News
    • Agust D is back and taking over the world
    • Taehyung breaks a huge records
    • More metal for BTS
    • BigHit makes another business move
  • Next Week
  • Last Word: Gossip vs. News

Data Drop

Break the Silence Ep 04: Speak Yourself (Weverse)

Break the Silence Ep 05: The Opposite Side (Weverse)

Learn Korean with BTS Ep 11: Eyes, Nose, Mouth (Weverse)

Chart Links

BTS Official TikTok

Suga Is The First Member Of BTS To Chart More Than One Solo Hit In Canada (Forbes)

3 Ways BTS’s Suga Made History On The Canadian Sales Chart With His New Single (Forbes)

3 Ways BTS’s Suga Made History On The Song Sales Chart Last Week (Forbes)

BTS’s ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ Advances Again To Become The Third-Longest-Charting Korean Album In U.K. History (Forbes)

New BangtanTV Videos

200522 SUGA (+ENG)

[EPISODE] Agust D ‘대취타‘ MV Shooting Sketch

New V LIVE Videos

Suga DJ’s Honey FM 06.13 with J-HOPE #0613FM_0523 (Audio)

RJRJ (Jin and Namjoon)

Eating (Jin and Namjoon)


YouTube Graduation 2020: Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez Join Livestream With the Obamas, BTS (Variety)



Daechwita Music Video (YouTube)

“#AGUSTD2ISCOMING” Trends No. 1 Worldwide On Twitter As ARMY Gets Ready For BTS’ Suga’s Return As Agust D (Soompi)

BTS’s Suga Reflects on His New Solo Mixtape as Agust D on D-2 (Time)

BTS’ SUGA Shares New Agust D Mixtape and Video (Pitchfork)

BTS’s Suga Reflects on Triumphant Return of Agust D on ‘D-2’ Mixtape (Billboard)

BTS’ SUGA Returns As the Deadly Agust D With ‘Daechwita’ (Rolling Stone India)

Suga From BTS Drops a New Mixtape As His Alter Ego, Agust D (Vulture)

ARMY Salon Twitter thread explaining the Korean history behind the Daechwita video

Daechwita Hidden Meaning/Review_Korean traditional culture_대취타 뮤비 해석_한국전통문화 [ENG] (YouTube)

[BTS 슈가SUGA Agust D ‘대취타(Daechwita)’ – Explanation version] 청소년이 알아야 우리음악과 15: 대취타 해설편 (YouTube)

BTS’s “Love Yourself: Her” Becomes Their 5th Album To Go Silver In The UK (Soompi)

BTS’s Agency Big Hit Becomes Majority Shareholder Of K-Pop Company Pledis, Home To Seventeen & NU’EST (Forbes)

Next Week

25 May, Mon: Learn Korean with BTS Ep 11, 9PM KST
26 May, Tues: Break the Silence Ep 6, 9PM KST
28 May, Thurs: Break the Silence Ep 7, 9PM KST

Last Word

Gossip vs. News

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