BTS This Week – Week Ending 28 July 2019

Intro song: Seoul Town Road

Featured image: Seoul Town Road cover

On this week’s show:

    • Data Drop
    • News
      • BigHit acquires Source Music
      • RM takes a trip down Seoul Town Road
      • VMAs further prove their irrelevance
    • Next Week
    • Last Word: Getting ready for a possible comeback

Data Drop

Run BTS ep 81

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Big Hit takes over music label of K-pop girl band GFriend (Korea Herald)

Lil Nas X and RM of BTS drop new ‘Old Town Road’ remix (CNN)

Lil Nas X Taps RM Of BTS For New ‘Old Town Road’ Remix, Essentially Secures History-Making Chart Record (Forbes)

Lil Nas X and BTS’s RM Release “Seoul Town Road” (Vogue)

‘Seoul Town Road’ Has BTS’ RM Joining Lil Nas X, and Now K-Country-Pop is a Thing (Variety)

So It’s Come To This: BTS Rapper RM Leads Lil Nas X Down ‘Seoul Town Road’ (NPR)

Lil Nas X Teams Up With BTS’ RM for New Remix ‘Seoul Town Road’ (ET)

The ‘separate but equal’ rules of American music awards (Washington Post)

BTS fans left annoyed with the band’s lack of MTV VMA nominations (BBC)

MTV VMAs’ New K-Pop Category Is Another Way to Marginalize Successful Non-White Artists Like BTS and BLACKPINK (Teen Vogue)

MTV added a K-pop award to the VMAs. BTS fans think it’s a way of excluding the band. (Vox)

Let’s Talk About The Western Music Scene & K-Pop (Affinity Magazine)

Is MTV’s snub of BTS xenophobic? (gal-dem)

Philip DeFranco – Suing Google For $50 Million, BTS vs VMAs, Implant Recall, Trump Veto, Mueller, & More (YouTube)

Fox5 (DC) Like It or Not

Next Week

30 Jul, Tues: Run BTS ep 82

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