2nd Anniversary Special Episode

Intro song: Otsukare, SOPE version (YouTube)

Featured image: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Top 10 Stories From the Past 12 Months

  1. BTS performs on NPR Tiny Desk and MTV Unplugged
  1. The guys release great solo music
  1. Life Goes On goes #1
  1. BTS rules social media so much that BB freezes the Social 50
  1. BTS dominates the virtual concert space

— Interlude: A chat with a special guest —

  1. BTS donates $1M to BLM and ARMY matches
  1. BTS gets their first Grammy nomination
  1. In the SOOP
  1. Dynamite goes #1 and the guys react
  1. BTS and ARMY help each other through the pandemic

2nd Anniversary Giveaway

1 Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • BE Deluxe Edition (unopened)
  • 1 Tumbler Coldcup Set (unopened)

1 Runner-up will receive:

  • BE Essential Edition (unopened)
  • 1 Pop Up Logo Tumbler

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