13 February 2022: Hide in the moonlight

On this week’s show: Stay Alive sets the charts blazing, & more

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    • Stay Alive sets the charts blazing, and more.
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Featured image: Photo by Johnny Kaufman on Unsplash


Chart Links

방탄소년단·투모로우바이투게더·다운, ‘한국대중음악상’ 노미네이트[공식] (Naver/OSEN)

Galaxy x BTS: Galaxy for the Planet | Samsung (YouTube)

Stay Alive (Prod. SUGA of BTS), Jung Kook:

Jung Kook (정국) ‘Stay Alive (Prod. SUGA of BTS)’ | Promotion Video (YouTube)

Stay Alive & 100M++ playlist by Caitbug (Spotify)

BTS’ Suga and Jungkook Drop Dramatic ‘Stay Alive’ From ‘7FATES: CHAKHO’ Soundtrack (Billboard)

Jungkook’s official Spotify profile

Next Week

18 Feb, Friday: Hobi’s birthday!! (Also mine!!)
19 Feb, Saturday: 7Fates: Chakho episode 6 release, 11AM KST

Last Word

Informed Listening

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