The BTS This Week podcast is your source for all the week’s news about international pop superstars BTS. Hosted by Kerry (AKA BTS Mama Bear) and released each Sunday, BTS This Week talks about the latest on the charts and in the fandom.

Latest Episodes

09 August 2020: We are on DYNAMITE lockdown

On this week’s show: We’re on comeback lockdown, a new movie is coming, and more. Intro song: Epiphany (Spotify) Featured …

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02 August 2020 – Counting down to DYNAMITE

On this week’s show: the countdowns to the new single have begun, tiny BTS debuts, and more. Intro song: 10000 …

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26 July 2020: A new single is coming

On this week’s show: A new single is coming, The Journey makes chart history, and more. Intro song: Mic Drop …

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19 July 2020: The Journey begins.

On this week’s show: A new Japanese album is released, bundling rules change, and more. Intro song: Your Eyes Tell …

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12 July 2020: Everything you wanted to know about the Nielsen data but were afraid to ask because you were afraid I wouldn’t stop talking.

On this week’s show: Records continue to fall, a comeback could be imminent, and more. Intro song: moonchild by RM …

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05 July 2020: BTS proves records are made to be broken

On this week’s show: BTS proves records were made to be broken, 7 continues to rule, and more. Intro song: …

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