The BTS This Week podcast is your source for all the week’s news about international pop superstars BTS. Hosted by Kerry (AKA BTS Mama Bear) and released each Sunday, BTS This Week talks about the latest on the charts and in the fandom.

Latest Episodes

02 May 2021: What color are waves

On this week’s show: Butter promo schedule announced, new Namjoon collab released, and more. Data Drop News Butter promo schedule …

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25 April 2021: What’s melting?

On this week’s show: COMEBACK!! Data Drop News Briefs New collaboration featuring Namjoon on the way BTS are new brand …

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18 April 2021: You want fries with that?

On this week’s show: BTS signs a HUGE endorsement deal, BangBangCon21 is a success, and more. Data Drop News BTS …

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11 April 2021: Setting records is our business

On this week’s show: Dynamite breaks more records, the numbers are in for Film Out, and more. Data Drop News …

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04 April 2021: All the memories stored in my heart

On this week’s show: Film Out is perfection, BTS makes UK music history again, and more. Data Drop News Film …

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28 March 2021: The answer to every question is B(TS)

On this week’s show: Japanese greatest hits coming, BTS gets quizzed, and more. Data Drop News Japanese Greatest Hits announced …

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